Respect for heritage

Bosch Rexroth’s employees who had the chance to access the original technical documentation of the elevator were all impressed by the ingenuity of its design.

  • Outline of the original installation before the start of the work

The first task of the team was documentary research and analysis of the original plans.

Main subassemblies overview

Lifting cylinders

General arrangement of the control devices

Drawings of the original installation taken from the book: La Tour de 300 mètres, Gustave Eiffel, ed. Lemercier, 1900


360° immersion in the lift machinery

West lift machinery

Accumulator cylinders

Lift cylinders and hoist trolley

Control room

Pump room


Due to their understanding of the elevators original method of operation, the Bosch Rexroth engineers were able to design a modern solution that ensured the lift returned to its historical principles.

The old lift cylinders were removed

Interpretation O. Ismeurt 2006

3D view of the original installation
Source: DEP Engineering

Elevator cabin


Reflection on the Hydraulics – some of the solutions envisaged before deciding on the final solution